iChris welcomes you to his flagship website


Www.ichrisgh.com, is the flagship website for Ghana’s youngest blogging talent, iChris known in real life as Anamoo Chris Emmanuel, ACE as his initials suggest. This website is the latest addition to his iChris media, under which he runs www.facebook.com/ichrisvoice, @ichrisemmanuel on Instagram/Twitter/YouTube, www.spinexmusic.com ( Spinex Music Ghana) and www.eyefmonline.com. The rationale behind the creation of this website is to forge a leading provider of quality, credible and comprehensive facts driven online news platform, with a bias for pop culture, entertainment and lifestyle.

As we take a step further to kick starting our journey to become one of the most trusted top notch providers of authentic online news content, read iChris’s warm welcome message:

“It is with the highest height of contentment that i present to you my flagship body of work, www.ichisgh.com. Words cannot describe how elated this new feat of mine makes me, my hand is writing this because the bottom of my heart cannot hold a pen, to express my deepest gratitude to first of all, God and to everyone who has ever guided and supported me in my quest to bring forth this online news content platform. Special thanks to my parents and teachers for nurturing and training me to become who I am today and to Danny Paul of www.spinexmusic.com, for his immense support. Finally, big thanks to my readers and to all my friends especially to you reading this now, accept my boundless gratitude.

I warmly welcome you to www.ichrisgh.com, my flagship news portal under the auspices of iChris media. I humbly beseech your support to help make this a success, kindly note that your contributions and suggestions are most welcomed as they will aid us effect improvements that will help give you a better online experience on this platform. Meanwhile, the website is scheduled to be on test run or a piloting phase from now till December 24th, during which period my team and i will be indefatigably working on upgrading the website to a state of perfection, that is affirming it as a full-fledged website. Thank you.”


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