“Keep your arms raised, you will succeed”

Today, Salvation has come to sinners.
Rev. Fr. Michael Owusu-Kwateng

Sunday Reflection

In our earthly life, we have fought, we are still fighting and we have more battles ahead of us to fight. Are we able? Can we? Yes, we are and we can, but only with God on our side can we come out victorious.


The narrated episode in the first reading is teaching us that goals beyond our strength can only be achieved through unceasing prayer. Moses’ hand remained raised because Israel needed a victory and that victory could only be achieved on with his hand raised (prayers)

There are hurdles in life that can be jumped only through prayers. There are many enemies that confront us and obstruct our lives. They do not even give us breathing space: block our ambitions, meet us with so much hatred, etc. Some come in the form of fears; others unruly passions and still others, rejection and segregation. Letting our arms down makes fears, passions, rejection, etc. So let us keep our arms raised until evening – until the end of life without getting tired.


Prayers build our confidence and give us hope. In the politico-socio-religious Society of Jesus’s time, injustice was on the rampage. It is no different today. Today, it is represented by abuses and fraudulence at the cost of the poor and poorest of the poor, by inexplicable and absurd events and practices that disturb and contradict our longing for life. Prayers are the only means to save us from losing our heads in such situations when everything seems to conspire against God’s kingdom and us.

Life becomes difficult for us when our thoughts, sentiments, reactions, and plans are compromised. We can survive by maintaining a constant dialogue with the Lord in prayer. With him, we are able to examine all these areas of life and give us the best options.

Concluding our reflection:

Look to God in any decision you want to take. Look to him in difficult moments. In him we live, in Him, we move, in Him, we have all that we are. Pax Vobis!

Reading for the reflection: Ezekiel 17: 8-13, 2 Timothy 3; 14-42 and Luke 18: 1-8

By: Rev. Fr. Michael Owusu-Kwarteng