John Legend is now the Sexiest Man Alive

John Legend is now the Sexiest Man Alive
John Legend

Grammy Award-winning superstar, John Legend got lyrics that could melt your heart, he sounds so romantic on the beat.

But would you believe, he is now the sexiest man alive too? The ‘All of Me’ hitmaker was declared the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ for 2019 by the top-rated, People Magazine.John Legend is now the Sexiest Man AliveJohn Legend
His colleague judge on ‘The Voice’, Blake Shelton made the declaration on Tuesday’s edition of the show.

Blake Shelton, who won the title in 2017 had to welcome John Legend with his brand new world title.

“It is my duty to formally introduce the next ‘Sexiest Man Alive,’ “ Shelton said. “He just so happens to be here tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, the man, the myth, the Legend: 2019’s Sexiest Man Alive.’

The elated audience received the news with a massive uproar of excitement.

Adding to that: “You already came into this show with an EGOT. And, then you won ‘The Voice,’ so it became a VEGOT. Now you have a VEGOTSMA,” speaking in reference to John Legend’s legendary list of accolades globally.

Moreover, Blake Shelton, in addition, gifted John Legend a pair of shorts bedazzled with “EGOTSMA,” an acronym symbolizing Legend’s big wins plus the latest addition: Sexiest Man Alive.

The singer, John Legend has now added on his tall list of accolades, as he becomes one of the only 15 “EGOT” winners that have won the enviable title.

John Legend in reaction to his win, told People magazine: “I was excited, but I was a little scared at the same time because it’s a lot of pressure, ”

He, however, lamented “Everyone’s going to be picking me apart to see if I’m sexy enough to hold this title. I’m (also) following Idris Elba, which is not fair and is not nice to me!”

John Legend, apart from his Grammy Emmy, Oscar and Tony awards, now goes down in history as the sexiest man alive this year.

Having said this, this is what legend himself had to say about his music career:
“Whenever we had opportunities to sing in church or in school, my mom would suggest that I do it. She always encouraged me.”

“My father taught me about character. He taught us by example. He always conducted himself with such grace and dignity,” the singer said. “My parents always taught me that if you’re going to succeed in life, part of success is having humility. It’s a good way to live life, treating other people the way you want to be treated.”


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