Ghana needs blood, ‘Donate blood Save life’– Maloa foundation

Ghana needs blood, ‘Donate blood Save life’– Maloa foundation
Mickydary (Maloa foundatio)

The issue of touching lives is something many are very passionate about. When it is geared towards saving lives as well, then it becomes even better for our society to receive positive change. That is exactly what the Maloa foundation, under the leadership of Mr. Mickydary Yakubu does in a bid to rescue many out the abyss of abject adversities.

The charity foundation seeks to advance a course of lending a helping hand to many out of nearly hopeless situations. Bridging the gap between people in dire need and the help, they so desire, the philanthropic initiative, also seeks to help save lives.

Given this, it has apart from its routine charity works, decided to take the responsibility of getting blood to restock our blood banks. Under the initiative dubbed ‘Donate blood, Save life’, the foundation recently undertook a blood donation exercise.


Ghana needs blood, ‘Donate blood Save life’– Maloa foundation
Ongoing donation of blood

How the exercise was undertaken, Ghana needs blood, ‘Donate blood Save life’– Maloa foundation

Maloa foundation successfully put together the blood donation exercise under auspices of the Achimota government hospital. The exercise, which took place at Akweteman, Accra on October 26, saw a considerably high turnout. Meanwhile, the paramount chief of Akweteman, Nii Akwetey Brenya commended the foundation, for taking on such a great initiative.

Ghana needs blood, ‘Donate blood Save life’– Maloa foundation
Maloa foundation with some volunteers.

Meanwhile, the founder of Maloa foundation and the brain behind all its initiatives, Mr. Mickydary Yakubu in a submission, had this to say.

“The dire need for blood in our various hospitals is nothing to sit down doing nothing about. Considering the fact that the demand for blood far outstrips supply, the number of deaths this causes cannot be overlooked.”

However, answering the question of how the blood supply pattern should be, he noted:

“For instance, Korle-bu Teaching Hospital does not even meet its daily requirement of 150 to 200 units of blood, so imagine the rate of mortality this could cause”

“Though the body needs only 3,000 to 4,000 milliliters of blood, the body contains 5,000 to 6,000 indicating an excess. So there is no health risk in donating blood, besides, it takes only three days for one to fully recover all the blood he or she donated”. Ghana needs blood, ‘Donate blood Save life’– Maloa foundation.

Moreover, he also took the opportunity to say big thanks to all the gallant volunteers, who helped make the whole exercise a big success. Moreover, he also extended his heartfelt gratitude to all those who showed up to donate too.

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