We have five more diss tracks for you – DopeNation threaten Kwesi Arthur, read why

DopeNation lied, Kwesi Arthur and his team were never violent - Organisers
Dhope Nation and Kwesi Arthur

Twins born talented music duo, DopeNation have officially confirmed the beef rumors between them and Kwesi Arthur. Earlier in the week, their diss track dubbed ‘chairman’ surfaced online.

The track got many, talking because it’s harsh lyrics, were directly been thrown at the BET awards nominated rapper, Kwesi Arthur. Which got many even more incited to dig out the details of what caused the rift between them.

Moreover, until now, there was no official communication from either side. But DopeNation in a recent video were seen trying to set the records straight on the issue.

The video currently going viral on social media, saw the music duo confirming there is actually bad blood between them and Kwesi Arthur. They disclosed they felt their brand was utterly being downplayed by the rapper.

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DopeNation narrated their ordeal

They were on the same bill as Kwesi Arthur to perform at Ghana telecom university a few weeks ago. Just when they were called up on stage to perform, Kwesi Arthur out of the blue, showed up with an entourage of macho men, which halted their entry to perform. However, it would not have been such a big deal but, apart from stopping their performance, Arthur’s followers in the procession also ruthlessly pushed them off the path to the stage.

Furthermore, one of Arthur’s men even used his elbow to hit one of them. Out of fury, they stormed the studio to record that diss track.

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They, however, asserted that upon second thoughts they resolved not to release the song. But, they claim the diss track, upon being kept for weeks got leaked, and they were also just as oblivious and surprised as to how it managed to get out.

However, they went ahead to demand a public apology from Kwesi Arthur. Or better still, if the rapper prefers to reply the diss to an apology, they are ever ready. Rounding it up, they threatened they even have five more diss tracks in store for him, in case he wishes the beef to continue.

Watch the video below: