Naija rappers should not feature Sarkodie – Nigerian panelist reveals why


Earlier this week, there was a video that caught the attention of many Ghanaians. The video was a snippet from a Nigerian entertainment show, eSplash aired on TV C.

According to the video, their discussion was about Sarkodie’s historic win at the 2019 BET Hip-Hop Awards. The panel comprising of a lady and a guy hosted by a lady, had a lot to say about Sarkodie.

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The two panelists took turns eulogizing Sarkodie for his successes in his rap career. They also referenced his recent BET Hip-Hop Awards Best International Flow award as a major affirmation of Sarkodie’s immense rap prowess. All parties to the discussion including the host were all of the views that Sarkodie is a major force to reckon with when it comes to rap.

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Moreover, they also admired Sarkodie’s originality, thus staying true to his Ghanaian roots by rapping in twi. They noted that, that was even one of the major reasons why they loved his rap. Also, though they admitted they do not understand Sarkodie’s local dialect, Twi they nonetheless said they loved how he rapped in it.

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Furthermore, the female panelist in her submission made a statement that was so incredible. She said a friend of hers reminded her of a song Ice Prince featured Sarkodie in. Upon listening to the song, they were so amazed at how Sarkodie’s breathtaking rap out shadowed Ice Prince, even though the song was his.

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She further added that, upon reading through the comments under the song, it was clear everyone could not help but admire Sarkodie’s rap, whilst taking a swipe at Ice Prince.

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Laughing at what she just said about Ice Prince, She continued to say that there are certain people you should not even feature. And Sarkodie is certainly one of such people. Nigerian rappers should not even try featuring him, She stated as she laughed. The other panelist also seconded her by saying “Sarkodie can rap o”.

Watch the video below:

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