Ghana’s covid-19 cases have quadrupled, why are the borders still closed? “mabrƐ” – Tracy Sarkcess cries out

Ghana’s covid-19 cases have quadrupled, why are the borders still closed? “mabrƐ” – Tracy Sarkcess cries out
Tracy with her husband, Sarkodie

Wife of Ghana’s only multiple BET award winner, Sarkodie, Tracy Sarkcess has registered her displeasure at how Ghana is handling the issue of Ghanaians stranded abroad. Tracy in reaction to a headline on the front page of the Daily Graphic today stated that the government’s closure of borders has become too unbearable. She disclosed that despite trying her best to endure staying away from home for the past six months, she is now sick and tired of it.

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Tracy was reacting to the headline, “Gov’t yet to decide on stranded Ghanaians”. She expressed her immense disappointment in the authorities at Ghana embassies abroad, who went round to collect their details, raising their hopes of returning to Ghana soon. She queried why they went ahead to collect their details when a decision was not yet taken on whether or not they will be allowed to come back to Ghana.

Meanwhile, she went on to argue that other countries had airlifted their citizens in other countries back home and imposed mandatory quarantines on them afterward. So what is different in Ghana’s case? Adding that, it is not as though the virus is not yet in Ghana, so what is stopping Ghana from taking similar action?

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Tracy’s advice

Moreover, she reiterated that Ghana’s infection rate of the global pandemic has quadrupled after the closure of the borders. Therefore, she questioned the essence of the extension of the closure to now. However, she advised that we should rather accept that Coronavirus is already widespread in Ghana and find a way to manage it, instead of just abandoning the over three thousand Ghanaians nationals stranded abroad.

Tracy, her husband, and Titi their daughter were overseas before the outbreak of the Covid-19 global pandemic. Therefore, they have been unable to return back home to Ghana due to the lockdown and closure of borders.


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