Funny Face wept, broke down on live TV over his Ella and Bella

Funny Face wept, broke down on live TV over his Ella and Bella
Funny Face with his twins, Ella and Bella

Self-acclaimed Ghanaian children president, Funny Face wept on live TV.  The comedian in an interview broke into tears when asked about the separation from his children(twins), Ella and Bella. He was asked in case he died, what would he like to tell his kids, who are no more with him, if they get to watch that interview when they grow up.

Funny face looked quite confused and sad after the question was asked. He was even speechless for some time before later gathering the courage to answer. But even before could answer he noted that he is a very emotional person.

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Finally, when he began to answer he stated that he would tell his kids he did his best, he tried all he could to get them back. Moreover, there are videos to prove what he was saying. He added that he does not like talking about the separation because he is very emotional about it.

The actor cum comedian then explained that he had to go through a lot due to his wife, but had to endure it for the sake of his twins. However, he could not hold back his tears whilst doing so. He further stated that what his wife did to him by taking away his kids was an agony he could not explain. He even described his wife’s action as heartless.

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However, he also revealed he had to hold back and not post his wife’s videos just because of the kids. He would rather be the fool for the sake of protecting his daughters.

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Meanwhile, this all took place when Funny face was speaking in an interview with Regina Van Helvert on GhOne’s Rythmz Live.

Watch the video below:

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