Kidi reveals he records his sex, it inspires the songs he writes

Kidi reveals he records his sex, it inspires the songs he writes
Miriam and Kidi

You must have ever wondered where and how Kidi gets all the romantic words and the melodies, he fuses into his songs right? You must have sometimes quizzed yourself where he gets the inspiration to write those songs. Well, the award-winning singer is now ready with the answers to that.

The Lynx Entertainment signee had a lot to reveal about it in an interview with Miriam Osei Agyemang on 3FM’s Urban Blend. Kidi disclosed that his source of inspiration varies, but it mostly gets to him in some of the weirdest of places and times. It sometimes gets to him in the middle of doing certain things, ‘somethings’.

“Inspiration hits in the weirdest places and the weirdest times… I may be doing the number two, I may be bathing, I may be in the middle of something” he revealed.

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When quizzed about what he meant by “somethings”, quite reluctantly he said “fun activities… extra curriculum activities”. However, when Miriam pushed further by probing to find out whether or not the period of making love has ever served as an inspiration to write songs, he answered yes.

“Oh yeah of course … ‘Freaky Lord’ [A song on his Blue Ep]… it wasn’t that song in particular but I’m saying like there’ve been songs where I’ve been in the middle of [having sex] … and sometimes it hits me”

Moreover, he again added that that is the main reason why he always records his sexual encounters. “that’s why I always have a recorder” during sex.

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Furthermore, Kidi’s last revelation was that he has also had the inspiration for songs from his dreams, but sadly he has recorded none of those.

“One of the weirdest things is when you have a dream and in the dream, you hear a song, you know this song is a hit. When I’m hearing the song in the dream I want to wake up and record it quickly because I know I will forget … by the time you wake up the song is gone… I’ve had a song based on a dream…” Kidi added

Listen to what he said below:

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