Stonebwoy finally releases his ‘Patapaa incarnated’ song, Putuu (Pray Freestyle)

Stonebwoy finally releases his 'Patapaa incarnated' song, Putuu (Pray freestyle)

When this song leaked, I was one of the very first bloggers, if not the first, to write about it. From my checks, other blogs blogged about it only recently, so I can say I was first to write about it. What I was basically saying in my story was that Stonebwoy went the Patapaa way, that is why I touted it as a ‘Patapaa incarnated’ song. In addition, I noted that since it sounded different from any of Stonebwoy’s previous works, it was weird. Read the article in question below:

Listen: Stonebwoy takes inspiration from Patapaa for this new ‘weird’ song. ‘Patapaa incarnated?’

Following this post of mine, some Stonebwoy fans come at me, saying I was totally wrong about it. Their argument was that Stonebwoy would never release such a song, as I asserted in my post. One of them could even swear it was just a ‘scat’, a wordless vocable or nonsense syllables improvised on a beat before singing the actual lyrics. However, though I was not verbally attacked any of them, it was clear some of my Bhimnation fans were so not in agreement with my post.

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Putuu (Pray Freestyle)

Fast-forward to today, Stonebwoy has finally released the song and it has already got social media buzzing. Which means I was right all along [how I wish I could say that to their faces, LOL]. The song is dubbed Putuu (Pray freestyle) and as Stonebwoy himself noted, it is just a freestyle.

“Putuu is Just a Freestyle, For All You Know half of the tongues I sang excluding the chorus and Hook.. (Pray) is well understood in Papua New Guinea Flag of Papua New GuineaSmiling face with open mouth and cold sweat!
It’s a street Hit Meant for all Walks of people.. Let’s Pray and Exhale corona has caused us so much!! #MillionStyles” Stonebwoy noted in a tweet

However, Stonebwoy is already contemplating doing a remix of the song.

Putuu (Pray freestyle) is a great tune to dance and have fun with but my comment still stands. It is a ‘Patapaa incarnated’ kind of song, but I now agree it does not sound weird.

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Meanwhile, Putuu (Pray freestyle) is currently out on all digital platforms, go check it out. Stonebwoy upon releasing the song went live to talk about it whilst jamming to it. You can check out Stonebwoy’s Putuu (Pray freestyle) live video below:

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