Shatta Wale threatened to kill Ameyaw Debrah “if you love your life, stop writing about me”

Ameyaw Debrah, Shatta Wale

It has been over eight years since Ghana’s premier celebrity blogger, Ameyaw Debrah washed his hands off anything that has to do with Shatta Wale. You must have wondered why all those years he has not been writing about the dancehall act right? Though it was quite obvious why the blogger took that stand, there is now more clarity into what informed his decision.

Ameyaw Debrah was one of the panel of bloggers alongside Bulldog, who were on last Saturday’s edition of UTV’s United Showbiz. However, speaking to the issue of what informs his choice of posts on his social media, Ameyaw Debrah made a very serious revelation on the show. He referenced his encounter with Shatta Wale in the past, during his submission, despite Bulldog‘s interruptions.

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Shatta Wale’s threat to Ameyaw Debrah

Ameyaw Debrah revealed that he stopped blogging about Shatta Wale because he threatened his life. He clarified that he decided to stop blogging about him, after Shatta Wale and his team, which included his manager, Bulldog called him to tell him to stop doing so. Further detailing the issue, Ameyaw Debrah revealed that Shatta Wale himself was even the one who threatened his life. Thus, Shatta Wale threatened to kill him if he does not stop blogging about him.

Ameyaw Debrah revealed “He (Shatta Wale) told me[on phone] that ‘if I love my life, I will stop writing about him’…”

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Therefore, if you were also wondering why Ameyaw Debrah does not blog about Shatta Wale, your question must have now been answered. The celebrated blogger finally decided to stop blogging about Shatta Wale after the said call and life threat from Shatta Wale.

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However, further answering to the question of whether he will stop writing about a celebrity if the person called him to tell him to stop doing so, Ameyaw Debrah answered in the affirmative. He explained that he would stop for the respect he has for himself. Besides, that one celebrity’s post does not put even up to $10 in his account on a daily basis, so he would not even bother himself writing about that celebrity again.

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