BET Hip Hop Awards 2020: Sarkodie ranked among top 4 Best Acceptance Speeches

BET Hip Hop Awards 2020: Sarkodie ranked
Sarkodie's Feature

In 2019, Sarkodie made a remarkable history at the BET Hip Hop Awards. He became the first rapper in history to win the Best International Flow Award.

Well, it turns out Sarkodie did not only make history by winning that award at the BET Hip-Hop Awards 2019, but he also left his acceptance speech in the prestiged archives of the BET’s best acceptance speeches. The acceptance speech he gave after winning the BET International Flow Award has earned him a place in the top 4 Best Acceptance Speeches made at the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards.

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Thus, as the BET Hip Hop Awards prepares to roll out this year’s edition, they took a look at the best acceptance speeches of last year. Not so surprisingly, Sarkodie‘s acceptance speech got ranked among the night’s top 4 best acceptance speeches. The BETs wrote:

Meanwhile, other music big names that made it into the list alongside Sarkodie were Megan Thee Stallion, DaBaby and LIL KIM.

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