Stonebwoy reveals why he hardly forgives and reconciles quickly “its a spiritual process”

Stonebwoy reveals why he hardly forgives and reconciles

People wrong each other almost every now and then, but what does it take to reconcile after such fallouts? Dancehall crooner, Stonebwoy shares his thought.

Stonebwoy disclosed that reconciliation is a spiritual process and must be treated as such. The process must be genuine, devoid of the influence of any preexisting structures.

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Moreover, he further noted that if reconciliation must happen, it must emanate from the hearts and minds of the parties involved. Stonebwoy made this known via his Snapchat.

Stonebwoy reveals why he hardly forgives and reconciles
Stonebwoy on Snapchat

However, though Stonebwoy’s submission sounds deep and may have several other interpretations, it got me thinking. Does that mean Stonebwoy always wants his reconciliations to be genuine that is why he “hardly forgives and reconciles quickly”?

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The dancehall BET Award-winner was recently heard recounting his hard feelings for Sarkodie, following his altercation with Sarkodie’s Manager, Angelo, months ago. Does that also mean his initial reconciliation with the two is yet to reach the spiritual and genuine stages he is talking about now?

Stonebwoy finally speaks about attacking Sarkodie’s manager, Angelo

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