Bawumia exposes Sarkodie “Mahama solved dumsor”, Baba Sadiq vindicated?

Bawumia exposes Sarkodie
From left: Baba Sadiq, Bawumia and Sarkodie

When Sarkodie was endorsing Nana Addo, one of the reasons he mentioned apart from free SHS was dumsor, as his reason for doing so.

This assertion was what Baba Sadiq totally disagreed with, stating that Sakodie was just being too ignorant. Which was why he took to his twitter handle earlier today, to explain why Sarkodie should up his understanding on topical issues.

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However, it seems Baba Sadiq may be right after all in calling Sarkodie ignorant on that ‘dumsor’ issue. According to a video of an interview with the VEEP, Bawumia on Joy FM, he admitted that Mahama solved dumsor.

Nonetheless, Bawumia further noted that though Mahama solved dumsor, he should not be given any credit for doing so because he was just supposed to do it.

Therefere, if Bawumia truly admitted that Mahama solved dumsor, then Sarkodie’s statement in ‘Happy Day’ may have been ignorant, just as Baba Sadiq was stressing.

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Listen to Bawumia:

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