Sarkodie smokes at French Ambassador’s show ‘Touch Of France’ launch

Sarkodie smokes at French Ambassador's show
From left: Anne, Tracy and Sarkodie

French Ambassador to Ghana, Anne Sophie Avé held a launch for her show, Touch Of France yesterday. The event saw many renowned personalities in attendance, including Bola Ray, Sarkodie with his wife, Becca, among others.

The event turned out a success, but there was something about it that raised some eyebrows. Sarkodie was seen seated with his wife, smoking whilst having some drinks.

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The rapper’s wife, Tracy, posted the picture of them seen in that scene, today on her social media handles. Going through the comments on that post, one could see many people were just awed whilst others seemed quite dumbfounded that Sarkodie smokes.

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Moreover, Tracy captioned her post: “percolating” which means just passing a liquid through something porous. Thus, trying to suggest that they were just drinking.

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Meanwhile, Touch Of France will be airing on TV3 and GhOne TV soon.

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Take a look:

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