Shatta Wale blasts Samini for endorsing Nana Addo “He’s a confused liar”

Shatta Wale blasts Samini for endorsing Nana Addo

Last week, Samini was in the news for endorsing Nana Addo. That was after the reggae/dancehall singer released a song for his Nana Addo’s campaign dubbed ‘Kpoyaka’.

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Many were surprised at Samini’s actions whiles others blamed his ‘dwindling’ relevance for his swift u-turn. Thus, one of the loudest backlashes Samini received for his political endorsement was the fact that he awfully condemned the act few years ago. Besides, Samini was seen in a video stating some time back that he would never endorse any political party.

Moreover, seems Samini’s former arch-rival, Shatta Wale is also not too happy about his decision. Speaking in a recent interview at Angel FM Kumasi, Shatta Wale stated that Samini is confused and a liar for endorsing President Nana Akufo-Addo.

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Shatta Wale said:
“You told Ghanaians including your supporters that you will never endorse any political party. You condemned celebrities endorsing political parties, but now Samini has endorsed NPP. He (Samini) is confused and a liar.”

Shatta Wale questioned that if Samini was not a liar, why would he make such a quick U-turn after telling Ghanaians he will never endorse any political party? Nobody should trust Samini again, Shatta said.

“Supporters of Samini and Ghanaians shouldn’t trust Samini again for making a sudden U-turn on political party endorsement,” He continued.

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Shatta Wale warns Samini

Shatta Wale then went on to warn Samini that he would soon stop him from deceiving Ghanaians.

“I will surely get time for Samini very soon because I won’t allow him to deceive Ghanaians. You told us you won’t do it but now you are happy doing it. Liar and confused Samini can never be trusted.” Shatta Wale added.

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