Wendy Shay reveals how she saved Ghana music from dying after Ebony’s death 2 years ago

Wendy Shay reveals how she saved Ghana music from dying after Ebony's death
Wendy Shay

Judging from what has always been said about the Ghanaian music industry, it seems the industry has just been living on life support, dying slowly. Maybe that is also why we mostly hear some of our musicians blabbing about how they saved the industry, a part of it or a genre from dying.

Rufftown Records signee, Wendy Shay is the latest to join the tall list of Ghana music life savers. Wendy Shay just announced that she saved the female side of the music industry from dying after the late Ebony‘s death two and half years ago.

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According to her, the female part of the Ghanaian music industry would have died if not for her timely intervention.

Moreover, Wendy Shay revealed that though ‘they’ were reluctant to open the door for her to come in and save Ghana’s female music, she forced her way through.

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Further detailing her claims, she disclosed that she did it with God, hardwork, perseverance, humility and loyalty.

Wendy Shay made these claims in a statement as she welcomed Rufftown Record‘s new signee, Kiki Marley.

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Ghana music life savers

The ‘Stevie Wonder’ hitmaker is not the first to make such claims, as we have heard a number of musicians making similar claims in the past.

Maybe we should start building Wendy Shay as well as all the others a statue each for saving our ‘dying’ music industry.

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