Stonebwoy denies pulling a gun at VGMA 2019 and #BlackloveVirtualConcert “I never pulled a gun”

Stonebwoy denies pulling a gun at VGMA 2019 and #BlackloveVirtualConcert

Stonebwoy, in a recent interview on Peace FM, spoke about the issue of him pulling a gun at the VGMA and the Blacklove Virtual Concert.

Explaining exactly what happened, Stonebwoy denied pulling a gun at either event. He explained that there is a difference between trying to pull a gun, pulling a gun and brandishing a gun.

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The dancehall crooner then clarified that in his case, he never pulled nor brandished a gun. He noted at the 2019 VGMA, even the video that went viral showed him only trying to pull his gun. But he never pulled his gun nor brandished it as it was ‘falsely’ purported.

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However, speaking on the incident that ensued between him and Angelo at Sarkodie’s BlackLove Virtual Concert, Stonebwoy again debunked any gun pulling. He even expressed utmost shock at how and why people were trying to drag a false allegation of him pulling a gun into that issue.

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Meanwhile, ending his statement, Stonebwoy bemoaned that there have been incidents where others brandished guns, even to the extent of firing warning shots. But nobody took such cases seriously. Therefore, why would his scuffle with Shatta Wale be treated as though they were engaged in gunplay?

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Watch the video below:

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