Shatta Wale insults Adom TV “you are doing nonsense”

Shatta Wale insults Adom TV

Shatta Wale has just sent across his piece of mind to akan TV station, Adom TV. The dancehall king insulted Adom TV for putting him on a program without informing his team first.

Judging from the flyer Shatta Wale posted, the TV station, in collaboration with Loggy Entertainment, were billing Shatta Wale for a performance on their GhUnite Virtual Concert. However, he says his team were not aware of any such concert.

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Moreover, Shatta Wale said it is total disrespect to him. Adom TV should have at least called his team first before publicising the flyer. He, therefore, expressed disappointment in their action, stating that it is absolute nonsense.

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