2020 Election Petition: A word from CEO of Maloa Foundation to Ghanaians

2020 Election Petition: A word from CEO of Maloa Foundation to Ghanaians
Mr. Mickydary Yakubu

The two major political parties in Ghana, NDC and NPP, along with the Electoral Commission, were in a tug of war for months at the Supreme Court.

The largest opposition party, NDC were contesting the outcome of the 2020 general elections, whiles the Electoral Commission and the ruling NPP defended their stance that the election was free and fair.

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After months of the battle of evidence and witty banter, the Supreme Court finally settled the scores on who was right and who was not last Friday.

The highest court of competent jurisdiction in Ghana delivered its verdict, declaring that NDC’s petition is dismissed.

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That is why the CEO of Maloa Foundation, Mr Mickydary Yakubu, has seen the need to let out a word of caution to the citizenry to remain calm throughout this period.

The leader of the philanthropic organisation wishes to urge the public that no matter the provocation due to the verdict, they should endeavour to let calmness prevail.

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Further speaking, though Mr Mickydary Yakubu admitted how disheartening it is for one’s party to lose such a case in court, he, however, pleaded that we should all put Ghana first.

Moreover, he implored the supporters to remain calm as he called on the supporters of the NPP to desist from any form of provocation in their jubilantion.

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Meanwhile, he commended the composure of most Ghanaians during the general elections, especially when tensions were at their peak.

Mr Mickydary Yakubu also noted that just as now, his foundation tried its best to contribute to fostering that peace within the period. The Maloa Foundation deployed peace campaigners to educate Ghanaians in most parts of the country on the need to maintain peace and eschew violence. And just as they envisioned, the election was relatively very peaceful.

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