KNUST School of Business inaugurates its pioneering Executives for KSBSA-Obuasi

KNUST School of Business inaugurates its pioneering Executives for KSBSA-Obuasi

KNUST School of Business (KSB) now has executives for KSBSA-Obuasi. The pioneering executives for the KNUST School of Business Students Association (KSBSA) at the new KNUST campus in Obuasi have officially been sworn in and inaugurated into office.

The ceremony held to swear in the newly elected executives came off yesterday at the school’s Hanger hall. The august occasion saw the incumbent executives of KSBSA including the President, His Excellency Benny Clerk, and the Judicial Chair, His Lordship Justice Mr. Bright Kumah from the KNUST Kumasi campus in attendance.

The Swearing-in

As the KSBSA constitution demands, the first to be sworn in was the Judicial Chair for the KSBSA-Obuasi. Afterward, the newly sworn-in Judicial Chair after delivering her inaugural speech swore in the rest of the executives. This foremost important proceeding was carried out by the Kumasi campus KSBSA Judicial Chair after delivering his address.

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Following this, the newly sworn-in judicial chair, Her Lordship Justice Miss Fosuhemaa Afia Anita then took the mantle to swear in the rest of the executives. She swore in the independent bodies, executives, and the vice president and president-elect respectively.

The new executives

The new executives were The President, Mr. Ansah Saani Mohammed; the vice-president, Miss Owusu Ansah Georgina; General Secretary, Mr. Darko Emmanuel; Financial Secretary, Mr. Moses Paa Kofi; Organizing Secretary, Mr. Asante Derrick; Women’s Commissioner, Miss Judith Boadi; Audit Chair, Mr. Mustapha Issah, and the Judicial Chair, Miss Fosuhemaa Afia Anita.

Finally, His Excellency Ansah Saani Mohammed delivered his inaugural speech, followed by a climaxing speech by President Benny Clerk, bringing the ceremony to a close.

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Meanwhile, the aforementioned sworn-in executives go down in history as the first-ever executives for the KSBSA-Obuasi. Thus, they are the pioneering executives for KSBSA-Obuasi at the all-new KNUST Obuasi Campus.

Congratulations to all the executives. Great Minds, Change the World.

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