Man caught with 656 ATM cards arrested at Kotoka International Airport

Man caught with 656 ATM cards arrested at Kotoka International Airport

How many ATM cards should one possess? You are surely thinking of a couple or probably three right? Well, the National Intelligence Bureau(NIB) arrested a man in possession of 656 ATM cards at the Kotoka International Airport(KIA).

Bachir Musa Aminu, who was arrested by the NIB said he was a Nigerian as he held a Nigerian passport to prove that. He hid these numerous ATM cards in a black plastic bag that contained kola nuts bounded for his flight to Dubai.

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The suspect is said to have arrived in Ghana on August 20 but was busted on September 12 in the process of making his way out of the country. Further interrogations got Bachir Musa Aminu to claim that 132 of the cards were his, but a number of them were taken from his extended family for business. The rest, he said were for his business partners in Dubai.

Meanwhile, the NIB’s investigations revealed that the ATM cards were connected to nine banks in operation in both Ghana and Nigeria. Eight Nigerian banks were part and a Ghanaian bank.

However, the suspect denies any links with any fraudulent activities, stating that he was a businessman who trades in Dubai, China, Nigerian, and Ghana. Furthermore, he was also in possession of US$12,000 and a list of pins for some of the ATM cards.

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The Bank of Ghana(BoG) today, took up the issue pending further investigations.

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