Wendy Shay rubbishes Bullet’s songwriting prowess

Wendy Shay rubbishes Bullet’s songwriting prowess

Award-winning songstress, Wendy Shay’s latest single, ‘Heat’ is a chart-topping piece you should check out. Following the release of the song, it has received numerous positive reviews from major industry players. They commended the song for its content and overall composition, with great emphasis on the wordplay in the song.

However, speaking of what went into producing the musical piece, several commentators felt the credit should be given to the songwriter, who of course is not Wendy Shay. These comments seemed to have infuriated the singer to the point she had to express displeasure in it.

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Wendy Shay took to her Twitter handle, registering her disappointment in those comments. She bemoaned that almost every female artiste in Ghana has a songwriter, but why are their musical successes not credited to their songwriters but only hers.

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Moreover, the latter part of Wendy Shay’s tweet sounded quite detracting to her songwriter, Bullet, who doubles as her manager. She called him a ‘so called’ songwriter, thereby indirectly rubbishing or downplaying his songwriting prowess.

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Wendy Shay rubbishes Bullet’s songwriting prowess

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