Sarkodie has this to say amidst the anti-LGBTQI+ bill threats

Sarkodie has this to say amidst the anti-LGBTQI+ bill threats

Ghana’s anti-LGBTQI+ bill has been the subject of numerous discussions since its conception by Hon. Sam George and other MPs. The bill presented to Ghana’s parliament seeks to criminalize the sexual activities of the minor group, the LGBTQI+ community.

However, as the parliamentarians proceed with work to pass the bill into law, there have reportedly been several threats directed at them over the bill. Key among these being the visa denial threats, the most widely reported.

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Meanwhile, in the wake of these threats over the anti-LGBTQI+ bill, rapper Sarkodie shared a comment on the country’s situation. The BET award-winning rapper’s recent comment was seemingly directed at how we cannot make tough decisions without any external influence. Thus, we are not free as a country, precisely, free from external influence on our decisions nor oppression.

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According to Sarkodie, you cannot be free when you owe. This may be seen as the main reason why Ghana is currently battling with all sorts of external influences in our bid to pass the anti-LGBTQI+ bill. Therefore, if we want to be free we should not owe.

”You Want To Be Free ? Don’t Owe”

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The VGMA Artiste of the Year’s comment is from his caption on a snippet of his Brown Paper Bag song, posted on his social media handles.

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