Jackie Appiah is the most beautiful African woman – iChris elucidates after recent backlash

Jackie Appiah is the most beautiful African woman - iChris elucidates after recent backlash

Ghana’s biggest actress, Jackie Appiah was crowned the Most Beautiful African Woman in 2020. She took the number spot on Style Rave’s list of the Most Beautiful African Women. This is why currently, Jackie Appiah is the most beautiful African woman.

I recently posted about this fact on my Facebook page, iChris, reiterating the obvious fact that Jackie Appiah is the most beautiful woman in Africa. Thus, I was just repeating the fact that she emerged atop Style Rave’s list of Top 30 most beautiful African women.

iChris’s Facebook post

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Besides, aside from the list, Jackie Appiah is such a beautiful lady, one would still make a good argument saying she is the most beautiful African woman. She is black, decent, and gorgeously dazzling, naturally.

iChris’s backlash

However, many people[mostly non-Ghanaians] fiercely disputed my post with a backlash on me for my pronouncement. The said post has currently reached over 2.7 million people and had over 122 thousand likes, 2.7 thousand comments, and 401 shares.

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Many people do not just want to understand my basis for making that statement. They keep arguing that she is not the most beautiful African woman; she can only be regarded as one of the most beautiful African women and so on. Others even argued that Jackie Appiah was the Most Beautiful African woman in 2020 but not in 2021.

This comes as no surprise to me because I know other Africans wish their women rather had the coveted title. Especially Nigerians and South Africans, many Africans flooded the comments section of my post with arguments suggesting that their respective countries had better candidates for the title.

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His explanation

Nonetheless, calling a spade a spade, Jackie Appiah is the Most Beautiful African Woman based on the ranking. That is why I remain unflinching in my stand on the issue despite the heavy backlash.

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Moreover, I know she still maintains the title in 2021 even though she was crowned in 2020. This is because nobody has succeeded her yet, that is even if anybody would succeed her this year.

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Style Rave’s list of Top 30 most beautiful African women 2021 has not yet been released. Therefore, until then, Jackie Appiah still reigns as the most beautiful African woman.

The black and global fashion ultimate style guide, Style Rave annually curates and releases the Style Rave list of 30 Most Beautiful African Women. Last year’s edition was its second.

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