Shatta Wale broke the law, stop making him look like a hero – Arnold rebuts A Plus

Shatta Wale broke the law, stop making him look like a hero – Arnold rebuts A Plus

I am sure many of you could not just wait to hear Arnold Asamoah Baidoo’s comment on his ‘50 pesewas’ friend, Shatta Wale’s recent ordeal. Well, yes, a friend in need is a friend indeed, so he has finally shared his opinion on the issue.

For starters, Arnold honestly admitted that he feels sorry for Shatta Wale’s current situation because prison is no place to wish for even your worst enemy.

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“I sympathize with Shatta Wale… I wish him well… I think Shatta’s current awful experience is not something anybody should be joyous over…”

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However, rebutting A Plus’s follow-up reaction to his earlier submission, Arnold then stated that Shatta Wale broke the law, so we should desist from trying to make him look like a hero. According to him, even if Shatta Wale had good intentions, he did not have to go in contravention with the law in order to do so.

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Besides, Shatta Wale is one of Ghana’s biggest Musicians, so breaking the law cannot be his only way to gain attention for the so-called purpose he sought to achieve. Arnold said these in interjection to A Plus’s attempt to say Shatta Wale’s gunshot hoax deserves applause.

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