iChris was down, a permanent end or a permanent solution?

Www.ichrisgh.com officially launched on Christmas Eve.

If you are an ardent fan of this blog, you must have realized there were no updates on it for days now. Yes, the blog was down for 4 days, after a technical challenge last Thursday night. Thus, all iChris platforms were inaccessible to me (iChris) throughout the time.

Moreover, I could not be available even on WhatsApp nor phone calls, talkless of my social media handles. Well, if you did not notice, I just told you and that is purposely for your information.

However, the rationale behind this story comes in two folds. Thus, information about my impromptu break and possibly write my heart out.

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I sat down to pen this down Saturday evening after watching United Showbiz and realizing I could not update my audience as I usually do. I then asked myself, “So this could just be the end of all? The end of what I love doing most.?” And trust me that nearly ‘teared’ me up.

This was obviously not the main idea for the story. However, my blog was down. “And so what?” “So what should we do?” “Is that supposed to be our problem?” and all other questions that may linger in the heads of readers after reading my headline are why I am adding this bit.

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So what’s next? A permanent end or a permanent solution?

iChris is not stopping. Restrategization! That is the way to go now. It is rather high time I brought my blog’s relapses to a permanent stop.  I am more determined than ever to do so.

Thus, I am not succumbing to my current adversities’ push to permanently end my blog. I am rather heeding to the iota of hope telling me to keep striving in grits and forge a permanent solution. So I am basically re-strategizing! Thank you.

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