When Ghana actors were dominating Nollywood, nobody said fuck Ghana – Yul Edochie retorts Shatta Wale


Shatta Wale has come under massive attack following series of rants he made at his recent Freedom Wave concert. Most of the backlash was due to Shatta’s “Fuck Nigerians” statement in his rants.

Accordingly, top celebrated nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has advised Shatta Wale. He advised him to retract the statement and apologise.

In a statement posted on his Instagram handle, Yul Edochie noted that when Ghanaian actors dominated Nollywood, nobody complained. Nobody said “Fuck Ghanaians actors”.

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Thus, when Ghanaian actors were taking all the lead roles in movies from them, Nigerian actors did not hate or attack them.

Therefore, today if Nigerian musicians are also dominating over Ghanaian musicians in Ghana, Shatta should not hate. Shatta Wale should rather promote unity among Africans, instead of hating on others.

Read Yul Edochie’s statement below.

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