Freddie Frimpong Drops New Gospel Smash, “Time Aso” with Visuals to Ring in 2022

Freddie Frimpong Drops New Gospel Smash, “Time Aso” with Visuals to Ring in 2022

Freddie Frimpong makes a remarkable poignant comeback with a brand new gospel smash with captivating visuals dubbed “Time Aso” which in translation in English “Time is Up”.

‘Time Aso’ will be the first transformative single to ring in 2022.
The song admonishes Christians to repent from their sins and live their lives to please the creator.

“Time Aso” is an uplifting new dance tune with a divinely inspired message about the coming of Jesus Christ. It serves as an announcement and a forewarning about the second coming of Jesus Christ as they loop into the year 2022.

Freddie looks poised to forge grounds again in the ever-changing Ghanaian gospel music fraternity with his new song.

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He has also uncovered the music video for his brand new single “Time Aso” Via Garden City Music.
‘Behold I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast that no man take thy crown’ – Revelation 3:11

When asked by GospelEmpireGh.Com about his inspiration behind Time Aso, he said: “As you dance to this tune and are blessed by this ageless sound, remember that the Kingdom of God is at hand and JESUS is coming soon!”

Joining this massive promotion is a series of Radio Personalities in Kumasi in connection with some of the biggest radio stations in the Ashanti region.

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Freddie Frimpong is an active member of the God’s Servant Chapel Aburaso.

Watch Freddie Frimpong – Time Aso on YouTube below.



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Source: GospelEmpireGh.Com

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