WATCH LIVE: TV3 Mentor X Grand Finale – #MentorX

WATCH LIVE: TV3 Mentor X Grand Finale

Tonight is the grand finale of TV3 Mentor X. Making history tonight, the five finalists who made it to the finals are all males. The finalists are AJ, Ely, Wise B, Konfidential and DSL.

The show is happening tonight from the National Theater. The biggest question tonight is, Who wins the Cash, the Car and the Title, the bragging right as the winner of TV3 Mentor X. Discovering the next global icon.

Check out the winners of TV3 Mentor X via the link below.

DSL wins TV3 Mentor X, Konfidential, AJ, Eli, Wise B follow- #MentorX

Watch the TV3 Mentor X grand finale live show below:

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