Abena Korkor exposes Abeiku Santana in latest sex list exposé


She always goes viral for one thing, naming the list of people, usually well-known married men, who have had sex with her. She is Abena Korkor, Ghana’s most controversial bipolar disorder patient.

Many people leave the blame for her sex list exposé at the doorstep of her mental health. However, in as much we try not to believe she had sex with the married men she usually enlists, Abena Korkor keeps assuring us it’s true, sighting countless ‘credible’ evidence.

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In Abena Korkor’s recent sex list exposé, one person she exposed was ace broadcaster, Abeiku Santana. Whom according to her, does not even know how to romantically kiss a lady properly.

Not wasting much of your time, listen for yourself all the juicy details below:

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