Delay returns to TV3 with The Delay Show


The Delay Show is making a comeback to its ‘lai momo’, TV3, first in news and best in entertainment!

After 9 years of the ‘Delay Show’, a Ghanaian television program hosted by Dories Frimpong Manso, adventuring out in the wild. The show is set to be aired on the television network where it made its first appearance.

Delay, famously known, is an entrepreneur, television and radio show host, producer, public speaker and women’s advocate. She excitedly announced the return of her entertainment show, ‘Delay Show’ on TV3.

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Detailing its trajectory, Delay disclosed that it started on TV3 and was transferred to Viasat 1 for 4 years and continued at GHone for 5 years. After 9 years of exploring the show on other stations, she finally fell back to the place where her television career started. She could not hide her excitement as she shared the news with her fans.

She wrote, “9 years ago, the Delay show left TV3. We went to Viasat 1 for 4 years and had a great run on Ghonetv for 5 years. THE SHOW is back on TV3, where my television career started. I’m excited, and I’m looking forward to years of headline-making shows ahead. May God be my guide!”

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