Why TV3 sacked Delay, all you need to know

Why TV3 sacked Delay, all you need to know

The reason why TV3 sacked Delay.

TV3 had to stop showing The Delay Show. The show hosted by Deloris Frimpong Manso popularly known as Delay was taken off air for about a month and two weeks. This was as a result of the show’s episode aired on Saturday, 10th March, 2012.

Well, I guess by now you have gotten the trajectory of this story. “Delay returns to TV3” was one of the biggest headlines yesterday. However, do you know what took Delay away from TV3? The reason why Delay was sacked by TV3?

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Forgive me if I am bursting your little bubble, but Delay did not just leave TV3. TV3 suspended The Delay Show, leading to Delay’s subsequent departure from the television station. In case you were never aware of any of this, let me take you down memory lane to exactly what happened.

Wanlov Kubolor shows his nudity on The Delay Show

Delay made Wanlov Kubolor show his manhood during their interview which aired on TV3. She dared him to prove he truly never wears any underwear. Though the version of the interview that was aired on TV3 was censored to blur Wanlov’s manhood, an uncensored version was leaked on the internet later.

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Why TV3 sacked Delay, all you need to know

This spelt doom for Delay as her video of Wanlov Kubolor’s nudity went viral on the internet. The controversy led to false speculations that TV3 aired the uncensored version of the interview. Many trusted news platforms peddled the falsehood, which pushed TV3 to issue a statement suspending the show by taking it off air.

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The press release TV3 issued stated that though they aired the censored version of the interview, the nudity displayed was still against their norms. Therefore, TV3 apologized for showing Wanlov’s nudity[even though it was edited to conceal his manhood] and suspended the show immediately.

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Why TV3 sacked Delay, all you need to know

The Delay Show from Viasat 1 to GHONE TV

Subsequently, Delay had to leave TV3 with her show, The Delay Show to Viasat 1[now defunct]. She also took along her TV series, Afia Schwarzenegger. The TV shows aired on Viasat 1 for four years and were later moved to GHONE TV after Viasat 1 was acquired by Kwesé TV Network.

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However, after five years of airing on GHONE TV, now Delay returns to TV3, where it all began. Delay’s television career started on TV3 and as the saying goes, there is no place like home. That is why the return of The Delay Show to TV3 is such exciting news.

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