Madina Akuure Yahaya bemoans students’ plight amidst UTAG strike, calls for government’s swift intervention 

Madina Akuure Yahaya bemoans students' plight amidst UTAG strike
Madina Akuure Yahaya

Madina Akuure Yahaya bemoans students’ plight amidst UTAG strike, calls for the government’s swift intervention to save the situation.

The University Teachers Association of Ghana(UTAG) has been on strike for nearly a month now. Their strike began early this year when universities were reopening for the start of the first semester.

A cross-section of students had reported to schools at the beginning of the strike, whiles others joined later hoping the strike would be called off. However, bursting their bubble, that was not the case.

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University students were left to their fate on campus as weeks went by without any teaching and learning. The uncertainly of what would happen left many in a dilemma of whether to return home or stay on campus.

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Nonetheless, many students had no choice but to stay, considering the distances they travelled to come to school. Unfortunately, wastage of limited financial resources due to no academic work coupled with the emotional distress it comes with is the sad situation of most students now.

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Madina Akuure Yahaya calls for government’s swift intervention

That is why the leader of Team Voice Of Hope, Madina Akuure Yahaya decided to add her voice to trumpet the woes of students. According to her, considering the numerous adverse effects of the UTAG strike on students, the government must swiftly intervene.

Thus, the concerned KNUST student is calling on the government to be proactive in its steps to reach a consensus with UTAG. The plight of university students cannot be overlooked. Students can no more endure the woes of the National Labour Commission and UTAG’s cat and mouse game.

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Therefore, now that the court has advised both parties to settle their issues out of court, it is time the government made considerable efforts to solve the matter once and for all.

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