Sarkodie thanks fans for his over 100 awards with this nostalgic video

Sarkodie with his BET Hip-Hop Awards Best International Flow award

Sarkodie thanks fans for his over 100 awards with this nostalgic video, flaunting all his awards.

Sarkodie is most awarded African rapper and one of Africa’s most awarded musicians. As at January, 2022, Sarkodie had 192 award nominations to his credit, out of which he won 106 awards.

Aside from this, Sarkodie is the first African rapper to win a BET award and he is the maiden winner of the BET Hip-Hop Awards’s first ever Best International Flow award.

The rapper’s records are countless, but that is not the main focus of this story. Out of gratitude to his fans for helping him win all those awards, Sarkodie posted a video displaying all his award plaques.

He captioned it “Gratitude🙏” and the video’s background song was his song, ‘Glory’ Featuring Yung L. The video got fans yearning to relive all those wonderful memories of Sarkodie’s past glories.

Watch the video below:

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