The E-Levy is good but Ghanaians are just broke – Sarkodie


The E-Levy is good but Ghanaians are just broke, that is they complain about it, Sarkodie tweeted.

The government of Ghana’s proposed imposition of E-levy was met with massive public backlash. The electronic transactions levy or the e-levy is a tax on all electronic transfer of money.

VGMA artist of the decade, Sarkodie responding to a tweet directed at him about this e-levy, had this to say.

“I pay a lot of taxes outside and I don’t complain because I’m using avenues they made available to make 💰( it’s only right ) it’s not same here and that’s why we complain not because the “E Levy” is bad . When you broke, a harmless “good morning “ can sound like a tease”

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According to rapper Sarkodie, the e-levy is not bad, but because Ghanaians are do not have the money, that is why they complain bitterly about it. He pays a lot of taxes abroad, but he does not complain because he is using those foreign government’s avenues to make those monies.

However, in Ghana since those systems are not in place for people to make money, that’s why they complain about such taxes.

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