Majid Michel exposes Shatta Wale’s consistently inconsistent behaviour


Majid Michel exposes Shatta Wale’s consistently inconsistent behaviour on live television.

Africa’s top celebrated actor, Majid Michel reacts to Shatta Wale’s recent attack on Jackie Appiah.

He noted that he was shocked by the entire incident because he uncertain Jackie Appiah knew Shatta Wale personally. So he could not determine whether they knew each other to warrant that kind of unwarranted attack on her.

However, Majid Michel noted that Shatta Wale was inconsistent and dishonest. This is because he recently said Ghanaian men must honour and protect our women from any disrespect from foreigners.

Therefore, for Shatta Wale to use those derogatory words on Jackie Appiah, was dishonour. He was not being consistent with what he has been preaching.

Shatta Wale is consistently inconsistent.[in Arnold’s voice].

Majid Michel was speaking on UTV’s United Showbiz with Yvonne Nelson, Michy, Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo, Bullgod and A Plus.

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