Shatta Wale must apologise to Jackie Appiah – Arnold


Shatta Wale must apologise to Jackie Appiah – Arnold over recent attacks on Jackie Appiah

Ace Entertainment journalist, Arnold Asamoah- Baidoo says Shatta Wale’s recent attack on Jackie Appiah was unwarranted.

In reaction to the incident, he stated that it was needless, classless and very unnecessary. Shatta Wale’s outburst on Jackie Appiah makes no sense.

This he said was because Shatta Wale exaggerated the case to seem like he had a hardcore beef with Jackie Appiah. And that was clearly not the case.

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Jackie Appiah never attacked Shatta Wale in any way. She only expressed her opinion just like Shatta Wale did concerning the government’s proposed Covid-19 campaign.

This could not have warranted that level of brash disrespect towards the highly revered actress. Therefore, he thinks Shatta Wale must apologise to Jackie Appiah.

Arnold said these during last Saturday’s edition of United Showbiz on UTV.

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