Jackie Appiah slaps Shatta Wale with a heavy lawsuit


Jackie Appiah slaps Shatta Wale with a heavy lawsuit for defamation.

For frivolous reasons, Shatta Wale attacked Jackie Appiah, Ghana’s highly respected actress. Yes, even to the point of calling her a prostitute.

Shatta Wale said Jackie Appiah does ‘toto business’ in his rants. This according to scores was senseless, needless and classless.

Thus, calling Ghana’s most revered actress, Jackie Appiah a prostitute was no less than malice. That is why according to multiple sources, Jackie Appiah has sued Shatta Wale.

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Moreover, Abena Moet confirmed on radio that the actress has sued Shatta Wale despite her silence. She was speaking on Neat FM.

“Because Jackie remained silent to Shatta Wale’s claims, we thought that was it?

Apparently, Jackie Appiah has sued Shatta Wale. Yes! How can you say someone is a prostitute, that’s someone’s mother?

What if her child opens Instagram. What do you want the child to say or think? ‘Mum are you really a prostitute?’.” Abena Moet revealed.

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