Girls in ICT Day Celebration ‘Blogging My Style’ at SPECIAL GRACE ACADEMY


ITWomen Africa Foundation today celebrated Girls in ICT Day, called “Blogging My Style,” at Special Grace Academy in Accra, Ghana.
The event, which commemorates the International ICT Girls Day Celebration for 2022, with the theme ‘Access and Safety,’ is part of the organization’s desire to join the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a United Nations specialised agency for information and communication technologies – (ICTs), to honour girls with aspirations to pursue a career in ICT and encourage their participation in ICT around the world.

As technology plays a role in a variety of vocations, it is vital to engage more girls and women in the ICT sector.
As a result, mastering technical skills at an early age can help girls achieve economic independence while also preparing them for future tech careers.
ITWomen Africa has opted to commemorate the day as their quota to boost girls’ engagement and interest in ICT, having awareness of the statistics of women and girls participation in ICT in Ghana and the world at large.

The purpose of the event was to

  • Increase girls’ participation in ICT.
  • Encourage their desire to pursue a career in ICT as the world is digitally evolving
  • Harness Skills In Digital Writing As A Tech Career
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Today, April 28th, 2022, the event took place at Special Grace Academy in Tantra Hills, Accra, Ghana.
The programme was aimed at girls in primary school, from upper primary through junior high school.

These young and enthusiastic girls were taught everything there is to know about blogging, including the fundamentals of what it is, how to write a blog, writing styles/templates for creating the blog, software to proofread before posting, how to open a free blog account, and how to monetize the blog.

For more information on the programme, how to help or partner with the organization in future activities, visit or contact us via 0502331004

About ITWomen Africa

ITWomen Africa is an ICT-oriented organization under the UN SDGs 5&9 which focus is to give 100% free ICT training to women and girls in both the informal and formal sectors, the rural and urban areas to enable them to enhance their careers and be able to meet up todays’ evolving technological world.

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The organization has been involved in a number of projects such as;


A project to form an ICT club to train young girls from JHS and above in various schools across our target location.


A project using an existing community built centre or philanthropist funds to set up a training centre to train women and girls who are not beneficiaries of the ICT School club projects but are in the community.


A training project targeted at teaching trainers from various institutions and organization to retrain others.


This project will be short, intensive and rigorous workshops for participants with limited timeline in acquiring practical on-hands training in digitals skills to enhance their career or business. This training can either be in a form of refreshers, beginners or expert training.

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