Blood money does not exist – Criss Waddle reveals


Blood Money Does Not Exist – Criss Waddle Reveals On Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz.

Boss of AMG Business, Criss Waddle recently announced his comeback to music after years of halt. He did so by releasing a new single featuring Stonebwoy awaiting the release of his forthcoming album.

Following this, Criss Waddle debunked having anything to do with money rituals or blood money, ‘sikaduro’ as it’s locally called. He remarked that the youth have to divorce any thoughts of such fast gateways to riches from their minds.

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Moreover, he declared there is no such thing as money rituals, you just have to work hard if you want to be rich. This he thinks should sink into the heads of everyone who thinks such shortcuts exist.

Meanwhile, he also answered why he has never really responded to allegations he is into fraud or blood money. Criss Waddle disclosed he never saw the need to do so because he thought people would eventually get to know his source of wealth is legitimate.

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