UTV promoting misogyny on United Showbiz, it’s sad


UTV promoting misogyny on United Showbiz and it’s very disheartening.

Followers of this blog would reckon that its handlers are big fans of UTV Ghana’s United Showbiz. This is equally evident in our posture towards the show since its inception. This, however, does not stop us from criticising its recent distasteful demeanour towards women.

The most-watched Ghanaian local language television channel, UTV has been negligent to the passage of bad comments about women on its platform. Thus, they have turned deaf ears to all the derogatory comments about women on their entertainment talk show, United Showbiz.

A recent incident of which is when Feli Nuna was utterly disrespected on the show. She was questioned about why her boyfriend is not an investor of her music career. A question they would never ask Kidi, Kuami Eugene or any of the male musicians. Isn’t that disrespectful towards their feminine counterparts?

And as if that was not enough, when the victim, Feli Nuna expressed her displeasure with such questions, she was subjected to further verbal abuse. That was even to the extent of being forced to render an apology to the said male panellists. It was an eyesore.

Moreover, last week’s edition of United Showbiz also witnessed a continuation of such vile behaviour towards women. One of the male panellists pronounced that 50% of feminists are lesbians.

That was after another male panellist attacked ace broadcaster, Gifty Anti for being an ardent advocate for women’s rights. He further went on to insinuate all feminists are desperate women in search of husbands. Where those who have not been successful in their quest for husbands, have resulted to feminism, their opium.

Furthermore, we could go on and on about many of such incidents on UTV, particularly on United Showbiz. However, we would want to wrap up on these two keynote incidents, hoping UTV would redeem themselves in subsequent editions of the show. Thank you.

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