Sir John’s Will is peanuts, mine would shock Ghanaians – Kennedy Agyapong


Sir John’s Will Is Peanuts, Mine Would Shock Ghanaians – Kennedy Agyapong

Following the massive publication backlash the met Sir John’s Will, Kennedy Agyapong says it contained just peanuts. The former boss of the Ghana Forestry Commission was leaked onto the public domain following a public nation by Manasseh Azure.

However, the MP for Assin North thinks the Will was just a piece of cake as compared to his in case he dies. Kennedy Agyapong said his Will would shock Ghanaians to the bone.

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He was speaking to NPP supporters in the United States of America, where he noted his Will contains multiples of what’s in Sir John’s. Kennedy Agyapong said:
“Whatever NDC is setting as an agenda, it will come to haunt us. Sometimes there is no truth in it and so we have to be careful with Sir John’s issue of six plots. Me, when I declare my assets you would be shocked because when I was reading Sir John’s Will I said but this is peanut.

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“[lf] I put myself in the person’s shoes that if am dead today, is this what is going to happen even within my own party? So we have to be careful.” He ended.
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