Berla Mundi heartbroken by Kofi Brokeman price


Berla Mundi heartbroken by Kofi Brokeman‘s price

Things are getting tougher by the day while nothing seems to cushion the situation. You may have a plethora of excuses for this but the bottom line remains the excruciating conditions of Ghanaians now.

Following this, top-rated broadcaster, Berla Mundi narrates her heartbreaking story of this crisis period. She bemoaned she could not believe how the price of mere roasted plantain has shot up.

According to Berla Mundi, she just wanted to enjoy her good old roasted plantain popularly known as Kofi Brokeman. Only to find out its price is now over the roof. This to her was very shocking because just as the name suggests, it’s said to be food for broke people.

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Therefore, if even the broke man’s food is now that expensive, then she can not help but feel broken-hearted. Berla Mundi took to her Instagram handle to share the sad encounter she had just this morning.

Watch it below:
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