Diamond Platnumz rocks ‘Ghana Must Go’, Madness or Fashion?


Diamond Platnumz rocks ‘Ghana Must Go’, Madness or Fashion?

Fashion they say is madness, but beyond what extent do we say a fashion piece is beyond fashion’s madness? Nobody knows, I guess. That is why fashion critics always have to exercise a high level of circumspection when assessing any work of fashion. Let me not bore you with a prolonged curtain-raiser.

Tanzania’s multiple award-winning superstar, Diamond Platnumz rocks ‘Ghana Must Go’ inspired outfit. The popular African bag was used to put together an eye-popping costume for the singer.

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Historically, the bag is at the centre of a very indelible history between Ghana and Nigeria. However, we are not quite sure of the bag’s fashion connotations.

That is why as Diamond Platnumz rocks his ‘Ghana Must Got’ outfit, we ask; is it Fashion or Madness? Bearing in mind fashion’s moniker is madness.

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