Diamond Platnumz rocks ‘Ghana Must Go’, Madness or Fashion?


Diamond Platnumz rocks ‘Ghana Must Go’, Madness or Fashion?

Fashion they say is madness, but beyond what extent do we say a fashion piece is beyond fashion’s madness? Nobody knows, I guess. That is why fashion critics always have to exercise a high level of circumspection when assessing any work of fashion. Let me not bore you with a prolonged curtain-raiser.

Tanzania’s multiple award-winning superstar, Diamond Platnumz rocks ‘Ghana Must Go’ inspired outfit. The popular African bag was used to put together an eye-popping costume for the singer.

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Historically, the bag is at the centre of a very indelible history between Ghana and Nigeria. However, we are not quite sure of the bag’s fashion connotations.

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That is why as Diamond Platnumz rocks his ‘Ghana Must Got’ outfit, we ask; is it Fashion or Madness? Bearing in mind fashion’s moniker is madness.

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