Only biggest f00ls think we need a National Cathedral – Kwaw Kese


Only biggest f00ls think we need a National Cathedral – Kwaw Kese rants

Popular Ghanaian rapper, Kwaw Kese hits hard on the government for allotting millions of cedis to building a National Cathedral. According to him, it’s only people not in their right senses who would take such an irrational decision at this time.

Calling it the painful truth, Kwaw Kese said it is only the biggest of fools and the stupid ones who think Ghana needs a National Cathedral. He argued Ghana under its current excruciating crisis needs social interventions, not a church building.

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Moreover, Kwaw Kese further bogused the whole idea stating that Ghana already has more than enough Cathedrals, so why build a National Cathedral? God would not be happy with such an utter misplacement of priority, he stressed.

Watch the video below:

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