Why John Dumelo kept his daughter’s pregnancy and birth a top-tier secret


Why John Dumelo kept his daughter’s pregnancy and birth a top-tier secret

Until today, most of you did not know John Dumelo’s wife was pregnant with their second child. Yes, talk less of knowing she gave birth to a baby girl a year ago.

They finally shared the news today, celebrating the baby girl’s one-year birthday. This was met with various reactions from fans with many questioning why they kept it a secret.

Well, there are so many explanations for this. However, we choose to emphasise the Nadia Buari factor. So what has Nadia Buari got to do with all this?

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Nadia Buari is best known for keeping such things secret. She is a master when it comes to keeping her family life a big secret. Thus even to the extent that nobody knows the father of her kids, her current husband.

Therefore, considering the fact that she is a very good decide friend to John Dumelo’s wife and himself, she could have thought them a thing or two. Thus, masterminding the whole idea of keeping their pregnancy and delivery a secret.

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Meanwhile, until the couple finally decides to spill the beans, the question remains; “why did John Dumelo and his wife decide to keep their daughter’s birth a top-tier secret?”

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