Why John Dumelo kept his daughter’s pregnancy and birth a top-tier secret


Why John Dumelo kept his daughter’s pregnancy and birth a top-tier secret

Until today, most of you did not know John Dumelo’s wife was pregnant with their second child. Yes, talk less of knowing she gave birth to a baby girl a year ago.

They finally shared the news today, celebrating the baby girl’s one-year birthday. This was met with various reactions from fans with many questioning why they kept it a secret.

Well, there are so many explanations for this. However, we choose to emphasise the Nadia Buari factor. So what has Nadia Buari got to do with all this?

John Dumelo and wife release pregnancy shots after 1 year

Nadia Buari is best known for keeping such things secret. She is a master when it comes to keeping her family life a big secret. Thus even to the extent that nobody knows the father of her kids, her current husband.

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Therefore, considering the fact that she is a very good decide friend to John Dumelo’s wife and himself, she could have thought them a thing or two. Thus, masterminding the whole idea of keeping their pregnancy and delivery a secret.

Meanwhile, until the couple finally decides to spill the beans, the question remains; “why did John Dumelo and his wife decide to keep their daughter’s birth a top-tier secret?”

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