Shugatiti’s attempt to r@pe ‘innocent’ Akwaboah, netizens react


Shugatiti’s attempt to r@pe ‘innocent’ Akwaboah, netizens react

Multiple award-winning Highlife act, Akwaboah was spotted in a very compromising position with nudist, Shugatiti. In the video posted on their Instagram handles, the two were seen seemingly amorously holding each other.

She was seen seductively massaging his chest. Though Akwaboah looked quite uncomfortable in the beginning, he later held her waist too. This got netizens talking.

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These netizens in reaction to the video felt quite worried for Akwaboah. They prayed the seductive nudist does to spoil their innocent Akwaboah for them. She should not r@pe him, some warned.

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