Afia Schwarzenegger invokes curses at Nogokpo Shrines


Afia Schwarzenegger invokes curses at Nogokpo shrines on Chairman Wontumi and Maurice Ampaw.

The feud between Afia Schwarzenegger and Chairman Wontumi and his lawyer, Maurice Ampaw keeps getting spiritual. Thus, though the latter keeps taking legal actions, Afia Schwarzenegger keeps resorting to curses.

Following her initial death curses, she was seen today heading to the Nogokpo shrines in the Volta Region. She was later seen in a video saying exactly what she is going there for.

Afia Schwarzenegger runs to Nogokpo shrine, Volta Region

Afia Schwarzenegger said the Nogokpo shrine is going to bring settlement to her fight with Chairman Wontumi and Lawyer Maurice Ampaw. She invoked the curse stating that if she slept with a dog as alleged by Maurice Ampaw, may Nogokpo kill her. However, if Maurice Ampaw is accusing her falsely, may Nogokpo kill him and his boss.

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