It’s time we met Nana Addo and tell him Ghana is too hard – Samini


It’s time we met Nana Addo and tell him Ghana is too hard – Samini to fellow celebrity NPP campaigners.

Samini campaigned massively for the NPP to retain power during the 2020 general elections. He even composed a campaign song for them, ‘Kpoyaka’ and performed it at their rallies.

That is why as the woes of Ghana deepen under the party he campaigned for, he feels it’s time to speak the bitter truth. Samini said things are hard in Ghana, things are not right and Nana Addo needs to be told the fact.

Samini contests for GIMPA SRC President

Therefore, he calls on his fellow celebrities who campaigned for the NPP to come together and meet the president. Thus, to tell him about the bad state of affairs in the country.
“I think it will make sense to have an audience with the President to be able to let him hear what is on the ground and what is actually happening on the ground,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Dancehall multiple-award winner said these during a Twitter Space on 14th June, 2022.

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